• 2018, International Prize - Raffaello Art Reward with painting ''Reawakening of Humanity'', Bologna, Italy

  • 2018, International Prize of Nations tribute to Tiziano with painting ''Reawakening of Humanity'', Venice, Italy

  • 2017, Finalist International Salon Competition Art Renewal Center, category Imaginative Realism with painting ''Reawakening of Humanity''

  • 2016, Honorable Mention for the painting ‘’I Am my Word’’ on International Salon Competition Art Renewal Center 2016, category Still Life

  • 2016 Finalist International Salon Competition Art Renewal Center, category Still life with painting Eternal Fruit, oil on canvas, 2016

  • 2015, Finalist International Salon Competition Art Renewal Center, category Imaginative Realism with painting Awakened Harmony, oil on canvas, 2014

  • 2014, Finalist International Salon Competition Art Renewal Center, category Imaginative Realism with painting Unfulfilled dreams, oil on canvas. 2013

  • 2013, BTC City Ljubljana buys painting Flamish Rose as a reward on the exhibition "Mladi umetniki in dobrodelnost", ZKPSA Signum Artisma, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2013, won the 1st award on competition Mladi Youngle talenti, Listen to the Youngle, Maribor, Slovenia

  • 2012, Exhibition reward for project Interactive Colourful Echo on International exhibition TRANSFORM 2012, Solun, Grčija

  • 2012, praised by prof. Degli Angeli, Professor of Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Bologna, Italy

  • 2008, praise by Headmaster Igor Majerle of Gymnasium Celje Center, Celje, Slovenia

  • 2008,  Unique reward for an Individual on XIII. International exhibition on theme ''Who Am I'', by Mihailo Lišanin, Svet umetnosti, Celje, Slovenia

  • 2006-2010, Zois scholarship for talented students, Slovenia




  • Art in Sutrium with Roberto Ferri and Giorgio Dante, Museo del Patrimonium, Sutri, Italy 2017

  • Master’s degree in Painting under the mentorship of prof. dr. Jožef Muhovič and prof. mag. Milan Erič, Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, 2012-2016

  • Portraiture by Cesar Santos, La Galeria Roja, Sevilla, Spain, 2016

  • Angel Academy of Art, under the mentorship of Maestro Michael J. Angel, the Fundamental program for drawing and painting, Florence, Italy 2014-2016

  • Spring term SmArt Art School, under the mentorship of Donato Giancola. Also attended the lectures of Dan Dos Santos, Greg Manchess, Todd Lockwood, Rebecca Guay, 2014

  • Individual mentorship by Sardinian painter Antonello Pintus, Bologna, Italy, 2012

  • Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, the graduate program of painting, 2009-2012

  • Study of Painting, Anatomy, Etching and Sculpture on student exchange on Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Italy, 2011-2012

  • Individual mentorship by Azerbaijani Academic Painter Eldar Zeynalov, Piran, Slovenia, Summers 1995-2016

  • Individual mentorship by Academic Sculptress Vladimira Stoviček, Krško, Slovenia, 2006-2007

  • Art Program, Artistic Gymnasium Celje Center, Celje, Slovenia, 2004-2009


Nik Anikis

The beauty of Truth liberates me.

Through the painting, Beauty plants

the Seed of Truth and Freedom 

into my Heart.

Nik Anikis




  • 2018, solo exhibition on Gala event ''Gala Ženske in Moški, Gospodarsko Razstavišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2016, solo exhibition ‘’Deep roots, juicy fruit’’, Mosconova Gallery, Castle of Sevnica, Sevnica, Slovenia

  • 2014, solo exhibition Dvig nove klasične umetnosti, Mosconova Gallery, Castle of Sevnica, Sevnica, Slovenia

  • 2012, solo exhibition, center Čez mavrico, Velika Pirešica, Slovenia

  • 2008, first solo exhibition in Grajska kavarna on Castel of Sevnica, Slovenia



  • 2019, Majski Salon Slika, Narodni muzej Slovenije, Ljubljana

  • 2018, Nakhchivan - The Cradle of Mankind IV International Art Festival dedicated to 95th anniversary of National Leader Haydar Aliyev, permanent exhibition of one painting in National Gallery of Union of Artists of Nakhchivan

  • 2018, Architectural Digest Design Show, New York

  • 2017, Spectrum Miami, Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL.

  • 2017, Art Monaco, French Riviera, Côte d'Azur, France

  • 2017, ART Expo Ljubljana, BTC City, Ljubljana Slovenia

  • 2017, ARTupCLOSE, Manhattan, New York, NY.

  • 2017, Kult Štajerska, Drugi festival, In Memorium of Ervin Kralj, Maribor, Slovenia

  • 2017, ARC Salon and Figurative 2017, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2017, 12th International ARC Salon Live Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, USA

  • 2016, 100x Madonna, Art Cacher, London

  • 2015, Dieci Occhi, Ten eyes, Gallery Herman Pečarič, Piran, Slovenia

  • 2015, Sei occhi, Six eyes, Manziolijeva palace and Gallery Insula, Izola, Slovenia

  • 2014, Koraki za jutri, 10th Anniversary of Art Program of Artistic Gymnesium Celje – Center, Castel in Novo Celje, Slovenia

  • 2014, Month of Culture, hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2013, 2x 19-a, Gallery MediaNox, Maribor, Slovenia

  • 2013, painting Flamish Rose in Art Collection of BTC City, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2013, "Mladi umetniki in dobrodelnost", ZKPSA Signum Artisma, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2013, Vabljeni mladi, DLUM, Salon Rotovž, Maribor, Slovenia

  • 2012, TRANSFORM 2012, Solun, Greece

  • 2012, Digitalne premestitve 3, Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2012, Etching in the permanent collection of Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia 

  • 2011, Digitalne premestitve 2, Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2011, Speculum artium, traditional festival of New Media, Delavski dom Trbovlje, Slovenia

  • 2010, ArspektaXI, Sevnica Castle, Sevnica, Slovenia

  • 2010, Ex-tempore Piran, Slovenia

  • 2009, ArspektaX, Sevnica Castle, Sevnica, Slovenia

  • 2008, Ohranjanje dediščine, arhitektura Secesije, ZKŠT Žalec, Žalec, Slovenia

  • 2008, ArspektaIX, Sevnica Castle, Sevnica, Slovenia


• Organising workshops in Slovenia and Holland since 2015

• Principal Teacher and director of studies of Painting and Drawing on Classic Art Academy in Maarssen, Holland, 2016-2017

• Part-time teacher on Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy 2015-2016

• Restoration of the fountain on Novi Square in Ljubljana in collaboration with the Restoration company Mali, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010



•Pastel drawing on a cover of magazine The World of Art founded by Mihailo Lisanin

Art International Contemporary magazine Issue #3 May/June 2018

Art International Contemporary magazine Issue #2 March/April 2018

• Art in America Annual 2017, August 2017

• Il mandracchio, Le opere di tre giovani artisti in Galleria Insula e Palazzo Manzioli, 9 April 2015

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• Vabljeni mladi 2013 in nagrajenci Primavera 2012/13, 17. May 2013

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•PUBLIKA, Odgovori: Nik Anikis Skušek, umetnik na različnih področjih,  Posavski informativni časopis za mlade- št. 62-September 2009, page 12

• Franc SEŠKO, Arspekta 9,  Franc Seško blogspot, 24. Avgust 2008



I decided to become a painter when I was 5 years old. I met an Azerbaijani painter Eldar Zeynalov in Piran, the coastal city of Slovenia. He became my mentor for many years. This was a big blessing for my mom as I was so lively and playful, kind of hyperactive. When I was with my mentor I was observing, drawing and painting with him for hours. That year I decided and said to my mom, "I will  become a painter." This was a magic formula for my mom. Everywhere we went she took colour pencils and paper….and she could enjoy her peace. My dear mom took my decision very seriously, she started taking me to drawing and painting workshops, exhibitions, classical concerts, operas, ballet and so on. I also started creating with my father, sculpting in clay and drawing. We played different games which would develop my imagination and skills. I created a card game, board games for which I made figurines out of paper and clay. I even wrote a fantasy book.
As the highest rating and talented pupil in primary school Sevnica, I received Zois scholarship for talented students. 

After primary school, my parents sent me to Art High School Gimnazija Celje – Center, where I studied under the mentorship of prof. Ratimir Pušelja.
My path led me to the Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I graduated from painting. Erasmus student exchange in 2012 enabled me to meet an incredible Italian painter Antonello Pintus, who opened my mind even more as a painter. I fell in love with oil colours. I proceeded to follow my path as a painter profoundly. Believing in my vision and love for figurative painting. 
During my Master program at the Academy of Fine Art Ljubljana, I also finished one term of American SmArt Art School under the mentorship of Donato Giancola. At the same time, I attended other classes with mentors like Dan Dos Santos, Rebeca Guay, Greg Manchess and Todd Lockwood. 

In 2016 after finishing the practical part and all exams of MA in Slovenia, I finished the ‘Fundamental Program in Drawing and Painting’ on Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. In the summer and winter holidays 2016 I finished my Master’s Degree in Painting on Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana. During this summer I also did a Portrait workshop with Cesar Santos, that added a great value to my technique that I developed at Angel Academy with Maestro Michael John Angel. The last term of Angel Academy I worked there as a part-time teacher. The same year in September I became the principal teacher and director of studies of Painting and Drawing on Classic Art Academy in Maarssen, Holland, 2016-2017. After one year of experience in Holland, I have returned to Slovenia to work on my paintings. In Winter of 2017, I decided to have another breakthrough in my painting and attended the Academic Workshops of Giorgio Dante and Roberto Ferri. This experience gave me the missing puzzle of expression and technique. 
I have been a recipient of many awards and praises.


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