About mastery and insight in to my life

I would like to share a part of me with you. I hope you will find it useful. Please let me know what you think about it, as this kind of videos is very new for me. If you like it please share it with somebody that might like it also. Thank you for your support

As a gift, please download first this app on your smartphone:


Then create a text file and copy and paste this text into it:

GOOOD MOOORNINNG! 4 Drink some of gentle happy water 60 Make your bed tip top for the evening 90 Go and take a pee 105 Are you peeing? 120 Prepare for jumping 10 Start jumping end breathing explosively 25 Break 10 Second set 25 Break 10 Third set 25 When drinking water prepare alkaline water 8 Alkaline water is water with lemon in it ;) 4 Drink half a liter of warm water 170 Take the alkaline water with you 3 Take your clothes 3 Go to the bathroom 100 Get ready 40 Brush your body with the dry brush 90 Do you need to wash your hair? 420 Ritual of cold water 4 YES hahaha cold shower baby 400 Clean your teeth and other things 400 Do you need to do anything else? 4 Realy?? hahaha joking...ok ok 1200 Ready to hit your room? 45 Drink your second half of a liter of lemon water 180 Get ready 20 Sit down for a morning meditation 8 Breath in powerfully, get the oxygen in 45 Beautiful! 5 Feel your body, emotions and thoughts 300 It is time to plan your day 5 Planning is crucial! Decide on achievements 600 Take a look in to your food plan? 5 Do you need to buy or prepare anything? 4 Go forth with planning, become a master of it! 600 Perfect! You are doing a great job 6 Now read the book of your choice 1200 Bravo! This was your morning routine! 5 What shall you do now? 4 Stay connected with your dreams 3 Dance! 2 HUUURRAAAAA 1

Upload this file in to the app and use it :)

Hope It will serve you as it does serve me! I wish you a great end of the year!

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